Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Time has flown by yet again. We just wrapped up the third year of business. 2019 has been a great year and we have celebrated amazing couples and clients. We have watched a young couple welcome their first child, cried with the families that came together in a beautiful ceremony after a tragic loss, and watched countless emotional first dances. We have been able to reflect on some amazing time sustaining the core of The Eden, providing a space for unforgettable moments.

As we reflect on our goals from the beginning of this year our goal was to sustain the values of the business. We had spent two years developing ideas and features. We painstakingly figured out what worked and didn’t work. AKA, the wonderful Pub Nights (lets just say that’s way in the future kind of thing). Going in to 2019 it was the goal to reflect who we were and what The Eden is all about. It’s about creating memories and allowing our clients to enjoy those happy moments as stress free as possible.

2020 is approaching fast. We are so excited to jump into the next year, full speed ahead. In the process of trying to sustain the business we grew the business. We jumped from 21 events in 2019 to 34 events in 2020. Can you say growing pains? We are growing and it’s a wonderful feeling to see what we have worked so hard to do become a reality.

Within the growth of the business we again are pushing to instill the values we have within the core of The Eden. We want to find new ways to be connected with our clients and provide that one on one attention that we believe is the best part about us. Of course, this comes with some back of the house operation adjustments. We have to hire more staff to accommodate the details, utilize customer management systems to organize our 40 sets of clients, and we need to reschedule our time to provide the best service possible.

Yes, we still have major improvements we would like to do to the facility and grounds. But, lets take a bite of that cracker one at a time and focus on the most important part, SERVICE.

We are so excited for 2020 and we cannot wait to share it with our wonderful clients and clients to be. We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and we hope you all achieve all the goals you have set for 2020.


Cayli Hart

General Manager

Photo Credit: Yellow Creek Photography, Kayla E. Photography, Reflections of Silver Photography,

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