Head Table Decor Inspiration

Head tables can be the trickiest table to decorate. They are generally the most important table in the room. The most pictures are captured at this table. So, you want it to look its best and stand out. Here are some design elements to consider for your head table.


Backdrops add a beautiful touch to the head table. Instead of having a blank wall add in lights, fabric, and florals to highlight the space. You can also repurpose your ceremony arch as a head table back drop, if you held your ceremony on site.


Place glass calendar vases evenly on the head table with the bridal bouquet in the middle. This will save you money on head table décor as well as keep your bouquets fresh.


Add garlands and florals in a vertical line with the table. This adds depth and again makes this table the star of the show.


Nothing is more romantic than a candle lit dinner. Add pillar candles, floating candles, and votives in variated heights to bring a romantic element.

Neon lights

A monogrammed or last name neon light has been the best trend ever created. These lights can be hung from a back drop and adds a special personalized touch .

Up lighting

If you don’t have a backdrop you can opt for color up lighting or spot lights. This makes the head table pop and stand out from the crowd.

Front table décor

Add in vases of flowers, crates, pumpkins, lanterns, or ferns to the front of a traditional head table. This will add some interest and fill the empty space.

Whatever your style there is always a way to dress up the head table and make it shine. It is the most important table and where you will share those special moments with your friends. Remember it with beautiful florals, candles, and elements that reflect you.

All photos are from Simply Rachel Photography. Check out her work!

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