How Your Wedding Can Give Back.

Updated: May 28, 2019

The Eden is focused on giving back to our community, improving the environment, and dedicating ourselves to happy memories.

We have seen many beautiful weddings and each one is just as beautiful as the next. As event professionals the weddings that stand out to us aren't the beautiful floral works (although we do love some pretty flowers), or the fancy favors, but the events that give back.

Here are some amazing ways to give back for your wedding.

1. Skip the favors

Sure, favors are a great gesture, however there are tons of monogrammed cups, koozie, or favor boxes left after a wedding because guests forget them, or too many are purchased. Instead of gifting an item your guests (remember you paid for the dinner, drinks, and entertainment), take that extra money and donate it to a charity of your choice. Choose a charity that reflects your relationship or personalities. Are you animal lovers? Are you in the military? Have you lost a loved one to an illness? GIVE BACK. Place a card on each setting explaining you gave their favor to someone in need of a new wig during chemo treatments, food for abandoned animals, or to military goods baskets. Those simple acts of kindness are the most memorable and also sets a good cause trend.

2. Donate uncooked food to local food bank.

The Eden is proud to offer this to any clients. We will take any uncooked remaining food to the food shelter from an event. Instead of taking it home, eating 1/3 of the food and tossing it after a week, give it to someone who is hungry. It's easy to think, I spent all this money on this food and I'm going to get my monies worth, but in reality, a majority of it is wasted.

3. Plant a wedding tree

This one we LOVE! Of course, for obvious reasons. Buy a tree or request a tree as a gift. Plant that tree in your own back yard. Remember that day for a life time. Improving the environment takes one small step at a time and this also reminds you of your love you share.

4. Go Green

Did you know that one event of 250 guests can fill 10 60 gallon garbage bags? Opt for glassware, China, and cloth napkins that can be used again. Find a caterer that uses compost for scraped food. And of course, paper straws people!

5. Skip the fake petals

The Eden doesn't allow fake flower petals to be tossed during outside ceremonies. This is because those fake petals blow into our fields, they don't dissolve, and of course they liter our beautiful property. So, get 3 Rose's and pluck the petals. He loves me...He loves me....He really loves me.

There are so many more ways you can give back during your wedding. Times are changing and traditions are becoming less traditional. So, break a couple traditions and give back the best way that fits your personality and values.

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