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What will you, or do you, remember from the biggest day of your life? Will you remember the beautiful dress you wore? How about the weather? Most remember every single detail and others remember the most important part, the moment you say I do to your life long partner. Trust me, many have looked back to the falling cake, shut eyed photos, and the cold food memories that fog the most important part, marrying your best friend. If you want to remember the important parts, invest in great vendors who will take care of the details for you and ensure you have only happy memories. Of course, we want to say that the venue is the single and most important part of a wedding. However, we have to be completely honest. There are also other details that are worth the investment.

1. The Venue

Choosing the right venue is very important. The venue reflects your personal style, provides an abundance of varying services, and of course hosts all your guests! Venues can range from a grand ballroom with chandeliers and extravagant features, a rustic barn out in the country, to a clear top tent on a large property or in a park. Choosing what’s right for you and your needs is important. Some venues provide basics needed for an event like the building. Then they allow you to customize all the other features. Some provide in house catering and bar service. Parks provide a low rate with the ability to create your big day from scratch with a tent. If you’re one that wants to design every element, a venue that has a lower price and allows you to customize each detail down to the chairs and linens might be the best option for you. However, let’s say you aren’t a DIY bride and need a little extra help. Going to a facility with a ballroom may be the best option for you. Most provide their own catering, bar service, chairs, tables, and allow you to customize linen colors and so much more. Ballroom facilities may even have décor options to take the stress off your hands. If your looking for more of a rustic feel, then a barn venue might be the best option. You may sacrifice heat and air conditioning for ambiance but your guests will remember the beautiful country and outdoor settings. Your outdoor pictures will also be beautiful. This leads us into our next investment worthy service.

2. Photographer

Investing in a photographer PAYS OFF! We have worked with several photographers and a photographer who knows how to organize the bridal party of 20 and take the best photos reflecting your style is very important. Most of your memories are going to be captured in photos. You’ll show your grandchildren these photos and hang these photos on your wall for all to see. Its also important to talk to each photographer to see who is best going to fit your design and of your wedding. Each photographer has a personal style and usually has signature photos like veil, sunset, or action shots. Photographers can focus more on a natural organic feel and others have a grand and elegant photography design. So, when you are looking back at your photos and everyone has their eyes closed or you missed the photo with your grandparents, remember that investing in a good photographer could save you a lot of grief.

3. Food and Beverage

Its no lie, food and beverages are the most expensive part of a wedding. Couples spend thousands on feeding their guests. Deciding on what works best for you is worth the investments. Have you been to that wedding where the food was cold or they ran out of the entree? Guests were probably upset and not happy and might have left early. So, feed them before they start consuming alcoholic beverages. We say beverages because this is important. We are all for a full-service bar,but we know it’s not always practical for those on a budget. However, allow your guests to have a cash bar so if they need to have a glass of wine to unwind after waiting 3 hours for you to take picture, they can. You don’t have to go all out on the bar but provide your guests with an option and ensure you hire bartenders that know how to limit guests from getting to drunk and wild, as we know that is a concern. PROVIDE YOUR GUESTS FREE SOFT DRINKS WITH THEIR MEALS! We know budgets can get tight but this is important to keep your guests hydrated while busting a move on the dance floor. The last things they want to do is pay for a glass of water.Find a caterer and bar service that provide you options, many many options. What better way to reflect your personal style by providing an Italian buffet or your favorite dessert. Caterers should have SEVERAL reviews and should provide a free minimal taste testing upon booking. Caterers should schedule time to sit down with you and get important details for the dining process. Skip the emails and schedule meetings directly it will help you get a better feel and ask as many questions as you need to. No one wants to be surprised by that unexpected service charge. So, pick a caterer who can start dinner on time, provide enough food for the head count ordered, and who can be flexible to fit your style. This will impress your guests and save you the stress of running out of food for Great Aunt Sally. We know there are many perceptions of the most important features of a wedding and its up to interpretation, but after each wedding the most remembered details are the venue, photography, and food and beverages. You and your family want to have amazing memories of the big day and investing in vendors who provide quality products and service will help ease the stress of planning out the details. Contact The Eden to schedule a consultation for your big day. Elegant Occasions. Unforgettable Moments.

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