Magical Winter Weddings

We strongly believe that winter weddings from December until March are under rated. We LOVE winter weddings and here's why.

You always want to look great in your bridal photos. Dripping sweat and flat hair is not part of that expectation. We love winter weddings because you don’t have to worry about the heat ruining your do or fresh face. Also, those clean pressed suits are better when they aren't drenched in sweat.

Unique bars. If you don’t know me I am obsessed with coffee. Coffee bars and hot chocolate bars are right up my alley. Add your toppings and flavors to make a delightful cup of warm hugs. Not only that but carbs are everyone's best friend. Who doesn’t love a bowl full of mashed potatoes? Then top them with bacon, sour cream, and cheddar cheese.

Warm decor make a space feel like home. Decorating a winter wedding in pine branches, berries, candles, and heavy fabrics make your day more than just a wedding. It makes your day an experience of intimate setting for you guests to feel comfortable.

Indoor photos are always what people think as the best part of winter. But, we think that indoor photos are great for those who don’t like a list of nature elements. Like bugs, heat, and sunburns. Photographers are great and able to use natural light from windows to create beautiful photos that are inside. Meaning if its cold you can take photos inside the warmth!

Holiday season. Guests expect to gather during the holidays. Its also a less popular season for vacations and lake travel. This means that those who are invited are more likely able to attend because vacations are minimal and they are ready for gathering!

Can you smell the snow before it snows? It’s a thing I swear. Winter is so magical. The crisp white snow and the soft sounds of a fresh winter morning are beautiful. Deer are run through the field and lights line houses. It creates a feeling of a magical time of year. Which also makes it romantic and the perfect time for a wedding!

So, why aren't there more winter weddings? Beca