Plan Your Wedding During a Pandemic

So, you got engaged during a pandemic? Even though this year has brought forth so much anxiety and struggle it has also brought so many couples together. After quarantining together or being apart it has made relationships blossom and couples realize they were meant to be.

Love does not wait for a pandemic to end. Couples are still saying yes and getting engaged. The truth is that the idea of weddings have changed. What once was a dream of a large wedding is now a small elopement or a minimized guest list. The biggest question every couple is facing no matter their wedding dreams has changed. How do you plan a wedding during a pandemic?

Being creative is the most important element to planning a wedding during 2020 and 2021. Traditional weddings are out the window and we are now forced to think out side the box. Its time to realize your wedding will not be like your friends. The tough reality is weddings will NEVER be the same.

The most important part is to think through the most important aspect of the day. Celebrating your commitment and your love is where your priority should be. Take a deep breath and remember it through out the planning process.

Now that you have received that pep talk lets discuss the most important questions to ask your vendors and situations to plan for.

Have a plan A, B, and C

A. Plan for the wedding of your dreams. If your planning a wedding for 2022 don’t give up on your dreams. There is a great chance we might be through the worst of the storm.

B. Plan for a smaller guest count. We thought the virus wouldn’t last past July. The truth is Covid-19 might still be a thing. So, prioritize the guest invites for your list of 10, 25, and 50 guests. So you have a plan if there are restrictions.

C. Plan for an elopement or a reschedule. Have an idea on what you would do if you are not able to move forward with a wedding. Does that mean you are eloped at the courthouse and have a reception later? Or are you willing to reschedule the entire day?

Ask your vendors these questions before booking.

What are your sanitation policies?

What did you do during the first shut down?

Based on those policies make the best choice based on your plans.

Click here for more details on ways to meet with vendors.

Plan Ahead

Pick a date later. We don’t know what to expect next year. But if you want to weather the storm plan on picking a date into 2022.

Be Creative

Remember that traditional weddings are not a thing. If that means you elope and have a reception later remember that it’s a time for new traditions. Friday weddings are becoming a hit! Because wedding professionals are in the process of rescheduling events it means calendars are full. Remember that Friday weddings allow for more flexible bookings.

Never in the last 5 years did I think I would be telling couples to adapt and change the way they plan their wedding. These are uncertain times but, with proper planning everyone will make it through. Let your love shine light on the original most beautiful reason we celebrate weddings.

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