Why Friday Weddings are Amazing!

Millennial's are breaking traditions one after another, and WE LOVE IT! One of those traditions being broke is the Saturday wedding. Saturday weddings are still amazing but, we are loving the new trend.

Friday weddings have grown in numbers and within the last couple years, they have become more and more popular. We love Friday weddings and here’s why.

1. Relaxed, Laid Back, and Go with the Flow.

We have found that Friday weddings are less formal and more laid back. Of course these weddings usually take place after work hours. This means guests come more as they are than in formal fashion. This usually means the couple is less formal as well. We love the change of pace and how fun these weddings can be.

2. Its time to party!

What better way to end the grind of our work week than with a party and celebration? If you’re having a rough week it’s such a blessing to turn it around by celebrating a marriage and dancing your troubles away on the dance floor.

3. Wait I still have my weekend?

There are still days left of the weekend! This means a couple can spend a day to rejuvenate before heading off on their honeymoon. Your guests can nurse a hangover and still have plenty of weekend to spend on their chores…or Netflix bingeing, if we are being realistic.

4. Later wedding

Since ceremonies are usually held later in the evening there is less time to crunch. Couples can spend more time relaxing and enjoying the day rather than running around trying to get everything done before their 3 PM ceremony. Sleep in, decorate the venue, drink mimosas, have a dance party, whatever it may be you can relax and enjoy the moment!


This is one of the most important aspects to a Friday wedding. You can save so much money by hosting a Friday ceremony and receptions. Venues cut costs by 25% on Fridays. So go ahead, break tradition and save a couple HUNDRED or THOUSANDS of dollars by hosting a Friday wedding.

There are so many more reason that we could go on and on. We love Saturday weddings but we also love Friday weddings too! So to all the nontraditional couples…is a Friday wedding right up your alley?

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