Why You Don't NEED a Day of Coordinator

Okay, I might have click baited you a little with that title. Essentially you get to decide what kind of service you need. Do you need help with small tasks or do you need help with organizing and implementing your ideas for your wedding. Here is the difference between a day of coordinator and a wedding manager.

Let’s break down the phrase “Day of Coordinator”.

“Day of” – this means that it’s only a day of job. That you’re only paying for that coordinator to be there one day and handle minimal elements that day. This gives the impression that they are there to HELP OUT. Is that what you want? Do you want to pay someone to help out with your wedding when you probably have bridesmaids and friends who are “helping out”. Now if you have paid for good vendors you shouldn’t need someone to “help out”.

“Coordinator” – Coordinator sounds like the person who is there to just organize your thoughts but there is way more too it! There is contract review, vendor management, time management, décor management, scheduling, drama management (come on we all have one of those bridesmaids), cake cutting, set up and break down, and so much more. Professionally there is more than just coordinating a wedding and taking your ideas and making sense of them.

Those are the words I dislike. Not that I have any issues with planners who have day of coordination packages. My problem is they are not valuing their work. They are masking themselves unknowingly as glorified wedding helpers by just calling themselves coordinators. When honestly they are putting in sometimes 40 hours or more work for one wedding. I don’t see how that is coordinating anything. That is more management and overview than just coordinating someone’s ideas.

To couples who hire a day of wedding coordinators. Here is my advice. Review the day of wedding coordinators package. A true day of wedding coordinator will not be there for the rehearsal, they will only show up to run errands, clean up tables, takes out the trash, and possibly pack up your décor. Now analyze your vendor contracts. Does your venue set up all the tables and chairs, provide linens, and provide clean up (including trash clean up, clearing tables, and breakdown)? Did you hire a florist or decorator? Do they set up all the floral arrangements, backdrops, and other decorations? Do you have a experienced photographer? They most likely can manage the organization of the bridal party for pictures. Do you have a DJ who compiles a reception schedule? After you find the answer to these questions go back and analyze what your day of coordinator will be performing. Chances are that if you paid money for experienced vendors you don’t need to pay money for a glorified wedding helper.

Now if your day of coordinator reviews contracts, creates a schedule for you, shows up to organize your rehearsal, memorizes all the bridal parties names, sets up all your DIY décor, takes down your DIY décor, or even provides décor, pays all yours vendors at the end of the night, has anything to do with the organization of your wedding before the actual day of then they are not “day of coordinators”.

What we should be calling “day of coordinators” is wedding managers or wedding management packages. Let’s break that down.

"Wedding"- Self explanatory. They are overseeing the wedding and this doesn’t mean just the day of the wedding but essentially every pieces of the wedding that has already been purchased to ensure contracts are followed and details are organized. They also fill in any gaps you may have missed.

"Managers/Management" – When you think of a manager it is usually someone who is experienced, direct, organized, and makes judgement calls for the benefit of the project. This is what you want from someone who is there to manage all your tasks from the vendor contracts, décor set up, scheduling, timeline, guest hosting, and so much more. Most likely they have a staff they bring with them to also ensure the day stays on track and all details are covered to ensure you’re hard wedding planning from the months prior are followed and organized into one seamless day.

Professionals who have day of coordination packages. Review your packages are you offering more than just day of help? Are you organizing a schedule, filling in gaps missed, included in all the details for the wedding, know all the vendors, contact vendors weeks prior to the wedding to confirm, and provide more than 10 hours of service not just the day of? Then you should maybe consider changing your package name to show your worth so your clients can value your hard work and service. Last thing wedding professionals want to hear is that the client figured they didn’t have to provide you information you needed for your service or expected more because they didn’t understand what a true day of coordinator involved. Label your worth as what it truly is.

In all look back at what is provided within your wedding and service and analyze what is truly needed. Do you need a coordinator or a manager?

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