Why COVID-19 Shouldn't Stop You From Planning Your Wedding.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

If you're like many couples recently engaged, you may be thinking that you should hold off wedding planning until after the virus is over. However, wedding experts want to warn you that you may want to start your wedding planning in the midst of this novel virus, and here is why.

Your first step is normally the venue and dates are hard to snag. However, with the abundance of rescheduling’s as far as into late 2021 there might not be dates left. Venues are rescheduling 3-4 months’ worth of clients. That could be upwards to 50 or even 60 couples to reschedule! That can block off a big chunk of your dream venues availability.

You may also want to beat the rush. Remember not to long ago there was a panic shopping frenzy. You might have been thinking "Thank goodness I bought toilet paper last week." or "Why didn't I get a bottle of hand sanitizer before the craziness." The panic shopping for toilet paper will soon become panic shopping for wedding vendors.

You as well as many other couples may all be thinking the same thing. “We are going to hold off the wedding planning until we are certain things have calmed down.” Welp, the sad news is you might be in the hard place when it comes to finding open vendors because now, EVERYONE that held off wedding planning for 6 months is now trying to find a venue in 6 months – 12 months or less. Some vendors are simply fully booked within 12-6 months in advance.

You might also consider the big impact booking now would have on the small businesses. A majority of wedding vendors are small business. They are struggling to survive with the lack of revenue and income. They have laid off employees and tried to receive any relief if they were lucky. Booking now with a deposit would support those small business vendors during this time of need. Deposits might be the only income to keep your favorite vendors business open.

While you scrolling through Pinterest gushing over beautiful wedding photography, or dreaming of your wedding florals. Consider having a Zoom call with wedding vendors and starting your wedding planning now. Many venues are offering virtual tours, photographers are meeting over zoom, bakers are providing to go samples, bridal boutiques are doing dress auctions and live try on videos, florists are providing live designing videos and zoom calls, and DJ’s are meeting with you virtually as well.

Reach out to your local wedding vendors to get a jump start on your wedding to do list. Us vendors are still operating and taking new clients during this time.

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