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Finding The Perfect Venue

There are countless different types of venues to choose from when planning your wedding. It's best to reflect on what is most important to you. Are you crafty, organized, and love planning your events? Or do you want a hands off approach so you can sit back and enjoy? There are great venues that caterers for each type of couple.


Some venues are just the space and they allow you to bring in your own items and vendors. These venues are great for those who want to plan each detail of the day. From the chairs the guests sit in to the centerpieces on the tables. They are exactly what they say they are. They are just the space and/or building. They allow you to fully DIY or hire the vendors you prefer for the day for a fully customized experience.


The Eden is a partial service venue. These venues are great for those who want less planning but still have the flexibility to be crafty. These venues provide the necessities and a few extra services. For example, they can provide the space, catering, and bar service, but allow you to design and bring in other event professionals. They may also provide additional optional services like florals and décor. The goal is to allow you to have a unique day but take some of that planning stress off your shoulders.


Full-service venues provide all the details for events. They usually have onsite planners who will organize all the details for you. They manage the food, music, décor, photography, florals, cake, and ceremony. These venues are great for those who want minimal planning and desire a one stop shop. They allow you to enjoy the day to the fullest without any worries. You show up, get married, party, and ride off into the sunset.

When shopping for a venue to host your wedding its best to decide your priorities early. Then look for those venues who match your needs. Ask to see their contract before signing. This allows you to fully understand their services before you set the date.

Happy wedding planning!


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